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Used Car Buying Guide

Everything you need to know before buying a used car


Set your maximum budget - and make sure you stick to it.

Go online (or check the local paper) and see what’s out there for your price range. Pick a few favourites and make a shortlist.  Be sure to check out the seller reviews online.

Tip: If you’ll be needing finance for your new car, we recommend getting pre-approval before looking at any cars to ensure you don’t miss out on the car you want.



Now that you have a few cars in mind, it’s time to conduct an external inspection. This should be done regardless of whether the car is being sold privately or through a dealer.

Make sure you check:

  • Corners of bodywork for scratches
  • Panels for dents
  • Tyres for tread on inside and outside edges
  • Headlights and tail lights for cracks
  • Windows for chips

To be safe, have another walk around and check the car again.



Now it’s time to check the inside.  Open all doors (don’t forget the boot) and check:

  • General condition of the car - it should be clean and tidy
  • Switches and knobs on dash/console are present and working
  • Electrics are working - including stereo
  • Seat belts work
  • Kilometres on odometer match the seller’s claims
  • Upholstery for rips
  • Back seat pockets - often they get ripped easily
  • Spare tyre and jack/tool kit are in the boot
  • Service log book - have there been regular services? And if so, by the same mechanic?

The internal inspection gives you an idea of whether the car’s been well cared for. If the interior looks neglected, it probably hasn’t been serviced regularly either.



Now, don’t think that you have to be a mechanic to conduct this check-just look for:

  • Oil or water splatters - this can indicate leakages
  • Engine cleanliness. A clean engine shows the car has been well-maintained.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - note it down so you can run a security check on the car
  • Oil colour - the darker it is, the longer it’s been since service
  • Fluid levels - water and coolant

Remember, you don’t have to be mechanically-minded to perform this check, but, if you have a friend or family who knows what they’re doing when it comes to cars, it might pay to have them check the car out.



Now don’t get too excited but, here comes the fun part.

Take it for a spin along a test drive route that includes a 50-60km zone AND a 100km+ zone (like a freeway or highway). The car needs to perform well at all speeds. Be sure to focus on the way it handles, sounds and most importantly, the road (safety first).



Before committing to purchasing a car, check:

The seller is the registered owner. Check that the name on the registration documents matches the seller’s driver’s licence.

Locate the VIN number on the Vehicle (Not the Paperwork) and do a security check on the PPSR.

You can do this within 5 minutes online with a DEBIT or CREDIT card for under $5. This will tell you if the vehicle is under finance, wrecked or written off, or a stat write off, stolen etc.

Here is the link

Tip: If paying by bank transfer, ask to see a copy of the seller’s bank statement. Again, make sure it’s in the seller’s name.



Time to negotiate a price! Consider:

How the price compares with other cars you researched.

What’s included? Many dealers include extras like warranties and roadside assist in the price. Is it an on-road price - i.e. does it include charges like stamp duty and registration? Does the price include delivery, or will you have to come back and pick it up?

Don’t be scared to drive down the price if you think it’s inflated.

Tip: If the dealer includes a warranty, be mindful there may be conditions (such as the car needing to be serviced at the dealership you bought it from). There are no warranties on private sales.



Now that you have yourself a great deal, it’s time to finalise everything with a few autographs. 

Read over all documents carefully and ensure you understand all terms and conditions.  If you’re not sure about anything, talk to a family member, friend or even your local 2EASY finance expert to have a look over the paperwork and to answer any questions you might have,



Talk to your insurer and make sure you’re covered from the instant you take possession. 

Don’t have insurance, talk to your local 2EASY finance expert to organise a NO obligation FREE quote today!

Congratulations, you now have yourself a new set of wheels.  Have fun and drive safe.

Where Are You? In The 82% Or The 18%?

If we fail to plan... then we plan to fail...

This is a very common phrase and I’m sure you have heard it before. Regardless of your age, we all have an 82% chance of failing in the school of personal finance.

So why is this so true?

Why do so many Australians still fail to plan for their financial future, regardless of their age?

We plan, research and save for our:

• first car...        • wedding...

• holidays...       • career...

• first home...    • children’s education...

But 82% of us don’t plan (financially) for the last 20-30 years of our life!

• Is it because we don’t think it will arrive as fast as it actually does?

• Is it because we think we’ll ‘get around to it’ at some point in time?

• Is it because we think we can’t afford to start planning for our future? I’m not exactly sure why we delay this, but it concerns me.

We are living longer!

This means we need a larger bucket of money for when we finish working. Statistics have shown that your superannuation will probably only JUST pay off your mortgage by the time you want to retire. But that leaves very little for enjoying life. This is why 82% of the Australian population end up requiring government assistance.

I don’t imagine that this is an exciting or fulfilling way to end your working career. Or what any of us PLAN for.

We have all heard that we could end up having to work until we’re 70!

That’s because most Australians just don’t start thinking about their life after work until it is way too late.

What would it mean to you if you had to work until 70?

We will be fitter, healthier and live longer than our previous generation.

• Instead of spending time with the grandkids - you will still be at work...

• Instead of travelling the world - you will still be at work... • Instead of helping in the community - you will still be at work..

• Instead of socialising with family and friends - you will still be at work...

And you will probably still be supporting those adult kids of yours because they will fall into the exact same pattern as 82% of us.

No one ever said on their death bed - I wish I had spent more time at work!

So, why don’t Australians take their financial future seriously?

Or why do we leave it until a few years before we are ready to retire, when most of us can start this process within the first few years of our working life???

I help people every single day to secure the best possible finance I can get them. I encourage all of my clients to start thinking about getting ahead financially. We talk about investing and post work life financial security - even if YOU’RE 20!

The purpose of being your finance specialist is to ensure you don’t become one of the 82%.

Be different to the majority of the population and call us today to see how we can help you plan, research and save for a fun and financially secure future. Where are you? In the 82% or the 18%?

Disclaimer: This article is generic in nature. All finance and investment decisions should be considered wisely and based on your personal and financial circumstances. Seek proper advice before committing to any course of investment action. This is not deemed as advice. © 2014