Is it time for you to have a check up on your current mortgage?  A 2EASY Home Loans mortgage broker can quickly but carefully assess your current mortgage and compare it to hundreds of other loan products to ensure you have the right mortgage to suit your needs.  The last thing you would want is to be paying more than you need to!  If there’s a better deal out there for you, we’ll find it.  Sometimes the costs associated with refinancing can outweigh the benefits.  A 2EASY Home Loans mortgage broker will show you all the upfront and ongoing costs to ensure it’s the right move for you.


Why Might You Want To Refinance?


You may want to lower your interest rate:

If you have had your home loan for quite some time, there’s possibly a loan product out there that has a lower interest rate.  If there is, A 2EASY Home Loans broker will find it.

You may want to adjust the length of your mortgage:

Want to pay your loan off sooner but your current mortgage product doesn’t allow additional repayments?  Speak to a 2EASY Home Loans broker to look at other loan products

You may like to change from a variable rate home loan to a fixed rate:

Are the interest rates low?  If they are, it may benefit you to fix your home loan interest rate.  This gives you piece of mind, as you will know exactly what your home loan is going to cost each month.

Have equity in your home?

Looking to renovate or maybe go on holiday?  Using the equity in your home can make the stress of financing these things a whole lot easier.  Speak to a 2EASY Home Loans broker to find out how.

Please note this is NOT advice.  Speak to a financial adviser to see if this information is right for you